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Camilla and Rose Notepads

Brand new notepads from artist Sarah Boddy in her Camilla & Rose series of amusing greeting cards and gifts. Now available in six of the best-selling designs featuring a popular Camilla & Rose image printed on every page.

Perfect for shopping lists and daily notes!   Two strong magnets are fitted to the back so the pad can be attached to a fridge or other metallic surface and a pen can be placed through the spiral top.

Size: 95mm x 220mm (including spiral) 70 lined tear-off pages.

Inner Calm….outer fridge

The strap is too tight, the hell is to high, they are a size too small but they are GORGEOUS. I've got to have them!

It takes a long time to grow and old friend

Live well, Lunch lots, shop often!

And if you like these…there are more to choose from here….Camilla & Rose Magnetic Notepads

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